How to choose the best eCommerce platform for your business

Best eCommerce platforms can be difficult to choose from, but here are our top 10 picks for 2018.

1. – eCommerce marketplace with an excellent user experience and excellent user support.

This platform allows merchants to post their products, get customer feedback and build a better shopping experience.


WooCommerce – WooCommerce is a platform that allows you to create a shopping cart with a product you want to sell and upload your product to your own eCommerce site.


Shopify – Shopify is a marketplace that allows merchants and businesses to exchange products between one another.

It is also a marketplace where you can buy goods from multiple retailers, and it allows you take orders.


WooPay – WooPay is a payment gateway that allows businesses to accept payments directly from customers.


Ebay – Ebay allows merchants the opportunity to buy products from other merchants and resell them to their customers.


Amazon Marketplace – Amazon Marketplace is a free marketplace that enables businesses to sell products directly to consumers through Amazon, Amazon Prime, Prime Video and other services.


Shopza – Shopza is a site that allows sellers to list their products and create an eCommerce store, and offers a variety of products that can be purchased and sold through their platform.


WooTrader – WooTrada is a social shopping platform that provides a mobile-friendly shopping experience for merchants.


Etsy – Etsy is a global ecommerce marketplace that offers free shipping on orders over $75, free returns on all orders over 15%, free returns for all orders within 60 days, and other features.


Paypal – PayPal is a service that allows customers to buy, sell, and manage online purchases through its website.


Ebates – Ebates is a commerce platform that enables merchants to create and sell products, and provides a marketplace for selling merchandise.


Amazon Alexa – Amazon Alexa is a voice-controlled assistant that can control shopping and payments with Alexa, which allows you or your business to buy and sell anything from books, electronics, appliances, electronics and more.


Shopbot – Shopbot is a tool that allows companies to automate their processes by using Amazon’s Alexa assistant.


ShopVisa – ShopViss is a digital payments gateway that provides merchants with payment methods including credit cards, Paypal, Visa, MasterCard and more, and a variety on payments, payments processing, and online payment services.


ShopCodes – ShopCoded is a smart payment gateway platform that lets merchants accept payments on, and also offers online payment, payment processing, payment and online payments services.


ShopKanban – ShopKanaBan is a business marketplace where merchants can offer merchants digital currency, digital currency options, and payment services, as well as digital currency trading.

17. – Pay.

Com is a web-based payment gateway and payment processing platform that facilitates online payment with Amazon.

All customers are automatically charged for all their online purchases on


Zomato – Zomatox is a eCommerce website where merchants and sellers can sell and buy items.


ShopMe – ShopMe is a search engine that enables online shoppers to find the best online stores for their specific needs.


ShopSmart – ShopSmart is a shopping marketplace that lets users search and compare prices, as long as they have a valid account.


Ebacommerce – Ebacommmerce is a seller marketplace that is a perfect match for businesses that are looking to offer their products to customers across multiple platforms.


Zazzle – Zazzler is a shop search engine and marketplace that will allow you to browse through thousands of thousands of brands, sizes and colors.

23. ( – Bazaar is a popular online marketplace that features a wide variety of online shops, including luxury brands, independent brands, lifestyle brands, and more as well.


Ebbs – Ebbs is a company that offers a free mobile-based shopping app that allows people to buy clothes and shoes from a variety, including fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands.


ShopMaven – ShopMav is a great way to manage your online shopping, with a simple shopping experience and easy to use shopping tools that make it easy to buy your goods on the go. 26. – Amazon. is a website that allows users to buy books, audiobooks, music and more on the cheap with no minimum purchase and shipping costs.


Amazon Prime – Amazon Prime is a new, easy-to-use way to shop for items and books.

It offers an impressive selection of products at a low price, as you shop, and has an exclusive shopping experience that lets you earn