How to use a search tool to identify ecommerce listings in the US

A Google search that returns hundreds of thousands of results for the words “ecommerce” and “commerce” reveals nothing but ads for ecommerce sites, as if they were a completely different type of business.

Google’s search results show the word “eCommerce” and a thumbnail of an ecommerce website, but the company only has a thumbnail, which is why Google is unable to provide any information about these listings. 

While Google is working to make the search results more useful by using images, Google’s current implementation is not very helpful in this instance. 

When I tried to use the search tool and find the listing, the only image I could see was the Google logo. 

In the future, I hope Google will incorporate a more useful search tool that will allow the user to easily search the search result pages.

The Google Search Tool is a very useful tool, but Google’s lack of a search engine for eCommerce listings makes the search tools only a small part of its overall ecommerce strategy.