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Recode’s Peter Kafka talks about how to build a company on the strength of an ‘artificial intelligence’ approach

Recode editor-in-chief Peter Kafka says his company’s business model will be built on the strengths of an “artificial AI” approach to creating a business model.

“You’re going to have to be really careful not to over-complicate things and I think we’re going the right direction on that,” he said.

Kafka said the biggest challenge for his company will be to make sure it’s a business that’s successful, but he’s also aware that some of the challenges of being an “unbeatable” business will come into play.

“I don’t know if you can get to the next level without being very careful,” he told Recode.

“What’s interesting is that we’re still very early in the game and it’s still early days for us, and it’ll be interesting to see what the industry does and how that evolves over time.”

Recode, which began in 2010, now has more than 800 employees.

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