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Vintage Vintage and eBay are on the brink of merger

Vintage and ecommerce retailer Etsy is close to an agreement to merge with eBay, according to a source close to the talks. 

The deal, which is expected to be announced soon, is expected to bring both companies closer to one another and to make it easier for shoppers to find vintage and antique merchandise.

The merger is expected “to be finalized in the coming weeks,” the source told Business Insider. 

It was not immediately clear how the deal will affect eBay, which currently controls 40% of the online retailer. 

Both companies are struggling to compete with Amazon, the biggest online retailer in the US.

As part of the merger, Etsy would be able to focus on the online sales of vintage and artisans products, rather than the online auctioning that dominates eBay.

The two companies are also said to have agreed to separate marketing strategies.

Etsy’s focus is on vintage, but it does not have a direct relationship with a museum, according to the source.

The sale of the business to eBay is expected in 2019.