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How to get China’s top cop back from a court case

Chinese authorities say they’ve cleared the way for a top cop from the country’s Communist Party to return to court.

But that doesn’t mean the case against Zhou Yongkang, the countrys top cop, has been resolved.

Zhou was arrested last year in connection with a criminal investigation into corruption and abuse of power.

He has denied wrongdoing.

He has been on trial in a Chinese court for six months over allegations that he ordered the killing of a prominent businessman in the southern city of Wuhan last year.

Zhou’s trial was scheduled to resume on Monday, but prosecutors and defense lawyers withdrew a plea agreement earlier this month that would have allowed Zhou to return for a pre-trial hearing.

The judge who issued the court order was not a judge in the criminal case.

Zhao was indicted by a special court in the central city of Nanjing on June 13.

The court was set up in a bid to hold Zhou in custody for a longer period of time, but Zhou has said he plans to challenge the decision.