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How to win at eBay’s ‘Up’ e commerce contest

Up-selling your business can be a good way to build a following.

With an impressive array of up-sells, like a shirt that’s perfect for the winter, a personalized invitation that fits perfectly with the home décor, and an Instagrammable photo of your latest purchase, you’re almost guaranteed to get more customers.

But it can also be a great way to score points in eBay’s “Up” e commerce competition.

The ecommerce site hosts an online contest for up-selling products, which will determine a winner from an array of popular products.

For the first round, winners will get $1,000 for their first purchase and $2,500 for a second.

Winners will then compete for the top prize, which is worth $1 million.

Winners get an additional $1.5 million if they win three times, or $5 million otherwise.

The winner gets a brand-new Apple iPad.

The winners of the next round will also get a brand new Apple iPad Pro, the company says.

In the end, up-seller winners will take home a brand name brand name product with a $1 price tag, along with $50 of PayPal donations.

Winners must submit the final products to eBay within a week of the deadline.

Winners have until February 5 to submit their products to the site.

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