Why you should trust the ‘Citi Group’

More than a decade ago, the financial giant Citigroup announced that it would sell its stake in a small online payments company called Stripe.

Today, it is still holding the stake.

Stripe is a payment service that allows users to make credit card payments online, without the need for an account or credit card number.

Strips CEO Ben Stiller has been praised for his innovation and business savvy.

He also has faced criticism from the consumer protection group Consumers Union, which filed a lawsuit last year accusing him of taking money from a vulnerable consumer by charging her a high interest rate on the money she deposited into her account.

But the suit has yet to be resolved.

Stripping and Stripe are not the only companies making moves to get out of the online payments business.

PayPal, the e-commerce company, said this week that it was exiting the business altogether.

In March, Amazon announced that its Prime Now service would no longer allow customers to make online purchases, although it had already removed all of the items that it charged customers to access the service.

A number of large tech companies, including Apple, Google and Facebook, have also made moves to leave the online payment business.

But some are finding it harder to exit a crowded field than before.

The digital currency bitcoin has attracted interest from investors who think it could help disrupt the industry.

But its use has also led to criticism from regulators, who have warned that its unregulated and that it is vulnerable to cyber attacks.

While bitcoin is technically legal in most of the United States, its volatility and lack of regulation make it more difficult to gauge the potential for widespread adoption.

In the past, a number of digital currencies, including ethereum, had been developed by a handful of entrepreneurs and investors.

The most notable of these, called Bitcoin, is an open-source software project that allows people to make payments online without an account.

The platform has also attracted the support of the Winklevoss twins, who are listed as the co-founders of the digital currency.

On Wednesday, the cryptocurrency company Ripple announced that Ripple Payments, its payment service, would be coming to the iPhone.

But for the time being, it will be only available to Apple users.

Ripple also said that it plans to launch a payment platform for people who want to make more payments, but would not provide a timeline for that.