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When I get my next paycheck, I will buy a car and a house

Mashable article MALABAMA, Alta.

— In a world where cars and the internet are everywhere, a new company wants to take that trend to the next level.

Malaysian auto maker Malala Yousafzai has launched her new product, Malala, an Internet-connected car, and it will be sold in all the world’s car stores.

Mallcars Malila is one of the cars she will be selling.

She has been fighting against the Taliban for years, and she is the face of the Malala Fund for Education, which supports the education of girls in the country.

The car that she is selling is a Malala X, a small SUV that comes with an internet connection.

It will be a great vehicle for her and her daughter, Malala’s older sister.

Malai, Malali’s sister, said she and Malala had talked about getting a car.

“I said, ‘Well, why not Malala?’

And he said, We have nothing to lose, we are fighting against oppression.

And I said, `Why not Mala?

I love Malala!'”

She said she is excited about the idea of getting Malala on a car, but she is not worried about making a profit from it.

She does not have any money in her bank account, and because she is a citizen of the United States, she does not need a license or insurance.

As a result, she said she could not sell her car without getting a license.

But, it would be a mistake to think that the car will be cheap.

 Malala X sells for about $100,000.

I know I could have bought it for a few million dollars, said Malala, who has also been a campaigner against the global pandemic.

What she would like is to make a profit off of her car, said the younger sister.

She said she was very happy that she will make a living by selling the car, even if she does have to pay taxes and insurance.