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Facebook ‘s new ‘scam protection’ system to be rolled out to all users

Facebook is to roll out a new ‘safe harbor’ feature designed to help users avoid potential scams, as the company tries to combat online scams.

The company, which has seen a dramatic spike in scams in recent months, is seeking to combat what it sees as the increasing power of unscrupulous online marketers.

Facebook’s new Safe Harbor program will let users report suspicious or malicious posts, including ones from third parties, and the company will flag them for its automated systems to take action.

“When a post is flagged for review, the company’s automated system will review the post and report it as suspicious,” a Facebook spokesperson told The Wall Street Journal.

Facebook has made it a priority to get its algorithms right in the wake of a string of breaches, and to take a closer look at what users are posting, a strategy that it says is in line with its “zero-tolerance” approach to fraud.

It has also created a new tool, called the Facebook Safe Harbor Platform, which allows users to report suspicious posts and other content they believe to be from third-party sources.

Facebook says it has now flagged more than 40 million posts from third party content in the last 24 hours.

But it said that more work is needed to ensure that posts are not spamming, and that it is looking at more targeted reporting to ensure the posts are flagged.

Facebook is also looking at how to create a more robust system to flag posts that could be malicious.

Facebook said it would work with law enforcement to create guidelines to help identify suspicious content, and it said it has also opened a fraud hotline.

“It’s really important for our community to be aware of what’s going on in the world and have a mechanism in place to make sure we know who we’re dealing with,” the spokesperson said.