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When Amazon is selling stuff, we are, too

The US online retailer is making some moves to sell more things in its online store, as it tries to gain market share from its competitors.

But its new strategy is a step back from its usual sales-first approach, according to a report by Quartz.

The company said it would sell products by the pound, instead of the pound-and-a-half price that it had previously used.

Amazon will also be selling goods on its website instead of its app, with plans to expand its e-commerce platform beyond physical goods.

“The Amazon store is a very different kind of shopping experience from the one you can experience on the mobile app,” Jeff Bezos, the CEO of the US e-retailer, said in the statement.

“It’s a lot more personalized and curated than you would ever get from a normal store.”

The company is still targeting consumers with its Amazon Prime service, which offers free shipping and other perks to those who spend $99 a year.

Amazon said it was expanding its online presence in India, where the market for Amazon products is very strong.

But the retailer has also faced some criticism for its pricing, which it says is lower than other online retailers.

A year ago, Amazon said its prices were 30 per cent higher than the average price of similar products in India.

The US ecommerce giant is looking to expand in markets like China, the world’s second largest, and India, the second-largest.

Amazon is also making an effort to offer new product categories in its own store, including its first ever smart home appliance, the Amazon Echo Dot, and a smartphone called Amazon Fire TV.

Bezos has also announced plans to make an Amazon TV streaming service, but said at the time that the service was not yet available.

Amazon has also launched a new store for people who want to buy from its own online store.

Bezos said Amazon was “looking to make the process of buying from Amazon much simpler and faster”, according to Quartz.