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How to buy chocolate with cash in the Philippines

Buying chocolate in the country is like buying wine in a country that doesn’t even have a wine bar, according to an online shopping guide for the Philippines.

The guide, created by the Philippines Chocolate Exchange, was launched Monday to help Filipinos who want to buy goods like chocolate, candles, jewelry and more.

If you’re a native Filipino, you can find it on Philippine ecommerce website Taobao and other online shops.

For some, it’s a shortcut to a cheaper price, but if you’re from a country with a high retail price of around $20,000, buying a pound of chocolate can add up to about $2,200, according the guide.

To help you make that purchase, the guide has tips on how to make a purchase on Taobafo, a Chinese ecommerce platform.

A lot of the tips are about how to shop around the country and how to avoid local salesmen and other unscrupulous sellers.

But it also has suggestions on how much to buy and what to pay.

You should never go to a shop with a bad reputation, the Philippines chocolate exchange guide warns.

If you do, you might get a discount, said Joaquim Bautista, chief executive of the Philippines Exchange Group.

Be careful, he added.

In the Philippines, there are also a number of counterfeit websites that sell counterfeit goods.

There are some legitimate companies that offer quality goods, such as the Filipino Mint, which sells high quality jewelry and watches for a reasonable price, said the guide’s founder and co-founder, Laila Pang.

Other sites, like MyPhilippineCigar, sell fake products, the guides said.

However, it is not easy to tell which products are counterfeit because most sellers in the online marketplaces advertise on Taobo, the website where you can purchase goods, said Mr. Bautiston.

So the Philippines is a good example of a country where people will try to get away with selling something that they know is fake, he said.

But consumers need to be very careful.

While buying and selling online, make sure you follow the rules, Mr. Pang said.

For example, you should never sell your credit card number to someone else. 

If you do it, they will just steal your card and charge you a higher price, he warned.

And be wary of websites that offer high discounts, such in the case of the Taoboa site, the Philippine Chocolate Exchange guide said.