Why you need to pack your bag for travel

A packshot can be the cheapest way to buy a ticket on an airline, or an extra set of clothes for your partner.

It also provides a cheap way to get out of a long-distance airport when the plane gets delayed.

But the packing can be a tricky business, with airlines often charging more than what the packshot offers. 

What is a packshot? 

A packshot is a ticket that is purchased in a shop or in a ticket machine.

A packshotted ticket costs around 1.8p, but some airlines have a limit of 2p. 

How do you pack a packshoted ticket? 

The packshot works like this.

You put a check in, then put the check out and pay a fee.

If you want to use your packshot for more than one flight, you can pay more for each ticket. 

Is a pack shot cheaper than buying a ticket in a supermarket? 

Yes, but the difference can be very small. 

Can you pack your own packshot without buying a pack? 

If you buy a pack from a supermarket or buy a bag in the airport, the packshot is not much cheaper. 

Where can you buy packshotes online? 

You can buy packshots at airports, airlines and other ticket machines. 

When will I be able to buy packshot tickets? 

Packshotes are sold at airports and some airlines will sell packs on the airport’s website. 

Why do airlines charge more than the packshots offer? 

It is not clear why airlines charge so much more. 

Do airlines make up the difference? 

There are no official figures. 

Are you going to buy one or two packs? 


If a pack has an advertised price, how much will you pay? 

Depending on the airlines and the size of the pack, it could cost you more than a pack bought from a shop. 

Which airlines charge the most? 

Most airlines do not. 

The UK’s Department for Transport says that for every 1p the UK government has paid, airlines have paid a total of 0.8 p. 

Will airlines charge extra for packs purchased in shops? 

That depends. 

Airports charge the same amount per ticket as supermarkets, but there is a small difference between the two. 

Am I allowed to buy two packs at a time? 

Some airlines are allowing you to buy multiple packs. 

This means that you can buy a one-way pack from the airport and then go home with the pack that you paid for. 

For example, if you buy two tickets, you are allowed to go home one day with the one ticket you bought. 

Does this mean you will be able buy a new packshot ticket? 


You will be allowed to purchase a new ticket if the ticket has an extra charge. 

It may be cheaper, but airlines do charge extra. 

I have bought a pack and have no idea how much it will cost. 

In this case, you may need to look at the offer of other options, such as a one time purchase. 

Who can buy packs? 

 The rules are complicated. 

Airlines are required to check that all passengers are entitled to packshots.

The rules also state that a ticket bought from the ground is only valid for one day. 

Passengers must be able access the baggage and baggage lockers, so that they can pick up their pack. 

There is also a limit to how many people can be travelling with a pack, and how many are allowed per flight. 

All airlines are required by law to keep records of the number of people they have boarded and landed. 

And when the passenger has checked in, they are supposed to be checked again and must leave the plane. 

However, many airlines will refuse to keep any information about the passengers they have onboard. 

Could you pack more than you have paid for? 

Many airlines offer a discounted packshot option, which means that if you are in a hurry and buy a package from a store before you have checked in with the airline, you will save on the pack shot cost.

This is because the airline will not charge you a fee to buy your ticket.