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What to know about eCommerce 2012, and the new jurisdiction over Amazon, Facebook and other sites that sell goods and services online

Amazon is asking for a new jurisdiction to handle its sale of e-commerce, including online content, and online content sellers are being asked to comply.

Amazon has long maintained that it is in control of its e-Commerce business and has no plans to merge with rival e-Sellers such as Alibaba, the China-based online shopping giant.

However, in January, it was reported that Alibaba had bought e-tailer Flipkart, which was bought by Amazon for $2.6 billion, and Amazon is now asking for the new eCommerce jurisdiction to deal with both Flipkarts and Alibaba, which it considers to be a monopoly.

Ecommerce is a type of online commerce that is mostly done in cash, usually through online auction sites like eBay.

This new jurisdiction will be set up to oversee the eCommerce marketplace.

“The proposed eCommerce region will ensure the protection of intellectual property rights, safeguard consumer safety and maintain a level playing field,” Amazon said in its submission to the Federal Register on Friday.

In its submission, Amazon noted that it has “significant investments in the e- commerce market” and that the ecommerce market “has been on a rapid growth trajectory” since the arrival of ecommerce in India.

The eCommerce Region will have to be established within a year from now and the proposed jurisdiction will not cover Amazon’s other businesses, Amazon said.

Last week, Amazon announced that it had acquired Snapdeal, an online marketplace for buying, selling and exchanging digital goods.

It has also acquired e-books.

After the deal, Amazon and Snapdeal announced that they will work together on new ventures, and that they were looking to grow the e commerce market in India by at least 1,000%.