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What are the different types of chocolate ecommerce and what are the best places to start?

Here’s everything you need to know to make your business in chocolate eCommerce work.


Chocolate eCommerce sites are often marketed as “specialty” or “deluxe” chocolate e-commerce websites.

However, these are not really specialized sites.

The main difference between the types of ecommerce sites are the types and sizes of the products that you sell.

There are several categories of products you can sell, some of which are specific to a specific category of chocolate.

For example, you can create a chocolate bar for the “Coconut Oil” category, which is the main product category of this type of chocolate, but you can also sell chocolate bars and chocolate cups for the other categories.

Some of these categories include chocolate desserts, chocolate cakes, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate cookies, chocolate candies, chocolate wafers, chocolate bars, chocolate mousse, and chocolate bars with chocolate sauce.

If you are creating a chocolate e‐commerce site for a specific product category, you need a different type of website for that category.

Some examples of the different categories of chocolate products you could sell are: chocolate bars for “COCONUT OIL” (chewy chocolate bars that have a crunchy texture, with no cream), chocolate cake for “HARD COFFEE” (light, chocolate cake that has a crunchiness and is light in texture), chocolate cupcake for “LIME” (sweet, white chocolate cup cakes with a smooth texture), and chocolate cookies for “MILK” (plain chocolate cookies that have cocoa powder in them).

The chocolate e‑commerce site also has a different name for each category of product you sell, but the main thing to keep in mind is that the main type of product on a chocolate website is usually a chocolate dessert.


The more specialized the chocolate e­commerce website, the more specialized it is.

For the same category of products, a chocolate business can have a different chocolate product called “SWEET” for a different product category.

This means that it is a chocolate cake, but it has a cocoa powder flavor.

You can sell chocolate cake or chocolate cup cake in that category, but chocolate cookies in the other category could not be sold.

So if you have a chocolate store with a chocolate product that is specialized for a product category you do not have to worry about the different product categories.


Chocolate products are often advertised as “premium” or premium chocolate.

This is true for most chocolate products.

However a chocolate company may not make a “premier” chocolate chocolate, which has a lower price tag, because they are marketing it as a premium chocolate rather than a chocolate.

The key thing to remember is that a chocolate “premiere” is the product with the lowest price tag.

For instance, if you sell a chocolate chocolate bar, the price tag will be “1.5-3.5” (USD), and if you want to sell a bar with the same chocolate flavor, the “premiership” chocolate bar will be priced at “5.75” (HKD).


There is a difference between “Premium” and “Premium Premium” chocolate.

Premium chocolate is usually made of higher quality chocolate, usually in chocolate bags.

The price tag for a premium bar is usually lower because the quality of the chocolate is better.

However if you make a bar that is less expensive than the bar with higher quality, the bar is called “premise”.


If the chocolate company is selling premium chocolate, the chocolate bar is made with premium chocolate that is made at a premium mill, or with premium cocoa powder.


Premium cocoa powder is the dark, dark chocolate that goes into chocolate products that are sold at a chocolate factory.


Premium dark chocolate is the cocoa that is used to make the chocolate products on a premium store.


Premium cacao beans are the bean pods that are in chocolate products, like cocoa butter.


Premium chocolates are the small, round chocolate bars or bars with a “chocolate flavor”.


Premium bars are the chocolate bars in your chocolate store.


Premium coffee is the coffee that is mixed into chocolate bars to make them more flavorful.


Premium candies are the candy bars in a candy store.


Premium mousse is the small candy bars.


Premium sweets are the large candy bars with the chocolate flavor.


Premium cookies are the cookies that are baked into chocolate cookies.


Premium muffins are the muffins that are made from a chocolate cookie.


Premium cakes are the cakes that are mixed into a chocolate pie.


Premium desserts are the desserts that are blended into a dessert, like a chocolate milkshake.


Premium cups are the coffee-based desserts that have chocolate flavor and are baked or cut into squares. 20