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Dubai launches online banking service to compete with China’s ‘Jet’

Dubai’s biggest airline has launched an online banking platform that will compete with the Chinese market, which it says has a massive amount of cash in the bank.

Air Arabia’s online banking services will be available to its customers on Sunday, when the airline launches its new, standalone online banking app.

Dubai International Airlines has partnered with Jet Air Bank to make online banking available to all customers.

The Dubai-based airline says it’s the first airline in the world to offer this service, which is intended to complement the services offered by the country’s leading online banking providers.

It’s the biggest launch for the airline since its launch in the Arab Spring in 2011.

The new online banking product will provide customers with a simple and straightforward interface to use their online banking account.

The bank has launched its online banking offering to all Air Arabia customers who already have a credit card, or who have already established their own online bank account.

All customers will be able to create an online account and will be offered the same customer service and online banking features as their existing account.

This will include online and mobile banking, with customers able to set up online accounts with their own contact details, which will be shared with the airline.

Dubay’s new online bank will offer customers access to an international money transfer platform that’s used by other countries around the world.

This service has been in the works for some time, and will help customers to move money between Dubai and the UAE, said an airline spokesman.

The airline is also planning to introduce the new service to its existing customers.

Air Jordan, Dubai’s largest carrier, has partnered to launch its own online banking.

Dubays new online financial services are being launched as a standalone product, meaning that customers who do not already have an account with Jet will be unable to use it.

However, all customers who have signed up for a Jet account can use their existing credit card to open an online savings account for the duration of the trial period.

Dublin-based Jet has already started offering online banking to its own customers, which allows customers to open online accounts in the UAE.

It has a network of around 20,000 credit card customers, and has already opened online accounts for customers in the country.

Jet’s customers have already had a couple of trials, with about 500 paying customers opening an account.

While Jet is offering its own, standalone service, Dubai International has partnered up with Jet to offer the new online services to its current and former customers.

Jet also announced plans to extend the trial of the new platform to all current and future customers.

A spokesperson said: “Dubai Airlines has been looking at new ways to help our customers save and spend money, and this new product will be a part of that effort.”

Air Arabia will open its online bank service on Monday.