Why should I support Ecommerce?

A recent survey has revealed that nearly three-quarters of Indians (74%) are open to supporting ecommerce startups.

The survey by ecommerce platform Ecommerce and commerce consultancy eCommerce and Business Solutions said, “Nearly three-fourths (73%) of Indians want to support ecommerce companies, and a large majority of them (56%) are willing to invest in their startup if they need it.”

The survey also asked the respondents to describe their experience of being a customer at a business in India.

In terms of the ecommerce experience, only 26% of Indians surveyed said they have used ecommerce services.

Ecommerce platforms like Shopify and Snapdeal, which are backed by Google, are the dominant ecommerce platforms.

Snapdeal was acquired by Amazon for a whopping $775 million in February 2017.

This was after the launch of a series of ecommerce products that had raised more than $100 million in the first few months.

A survey conducted by eCommerce Solutions found that, in a recent survey, only a third of Indian consumers want to pay for goods through ecommerce, compared to 40% of those surveyed who were willing to pay through other means.

But the survey also pointed out that a third (33%) of the consumers were willing the company to pay via ecommerce if they needed it.