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Amazon eCommerce business review: Amazon launches new ‘digital’ shopping portal

The online retailer launched a new eCommerce website, Amazon Marketplace, on Monday, which offers shoppers “digital goods” such as music, movies, and apps, among other items.

The new portal will be the first major competitor to Amazon’s brick-and-mortar eCommerce operation, which has long been the focus of the company.

The eCommerce site will offer “digital products that are not available anywhere else,” said Amazon Chief Technology Officer Greg Johnson in a statement.

The Marketplace will feature “products that are no longer available on Amazon,” according to the statement.

The site is “currently only available in the United States and Canada,” according the Amazon statement.

But the company plans to expand the portal in the coming months.

Amazon has been a strong competitor in the eCommerce space, with several products available at the ecommerce site.

The company offers its own marketplace for its eCommerce customers, which is designed to give shoppers the option of buying products directly from Amazon, a move that has led to some complaints from competitors.

But Amazon’s Marketplace is aimed at the mass market, as Amazon is currently one of the largest eCommerce players in the world, and a major reason why the company is able to charge so much for its products.

Amazon’s competitors include eBay and Walmart, both of which have expanded their eCommerce operations and recently announced they would begin accepting credit cards as payment for goods purchased from their online storefronts.

Walmart has been aggressively expanding its ecommerce offerings, and has launched the Amazon Marketplace in its U.S. stores this year.

Amazon is not the only online retailer to launch its own online storefront in the past few years.

Amazon is also currently selling a digital version of its website, the Kindle eBooks, which it hopes will lure in new customers.

Amazon says that the Marketplace is “the perfect way for Amazon to connect directly with consumers” and that “Amazon Marketplace is designed for Amazon Prime members and their families, as well as students, to discover and shop the incredible assortment of books, music, and videos that we are passionate about.”