Amazon’s ecommerce site faces legal challenges

The US Department of Justice and the US Securities and Exchange Commission are investigating Amazon’s online commerce business, accusing the online retailer of fraudulently claiming to have more than a billion dollars in merchandise sales on its site, according to court documents.

The investigation is part of a wider probe into the online shopping giant, which also is embroiled in a legal battle with Wal-Mart.

The company’s chief executive officer, Jeff Bezos, is under scrutiny after a recent report found that the company had not filed quarterly reports in more than three years.

Amazon has faced a series of legal woes since the start of 2017, including its fight with Wal Mart and a $7.5bn lawsuit filed by Amazon against Apple over the iPad, which it bought for $99 in 2013.

It also faced a lawsuit by the Securities and Technology Association (S&T) over its “failing” to disclose details about its cloud-based cloud services, which have raised concerns about privacy.

The lawsuit alleges Amazon failed to comply with federal and state securities laws by failing to disclose the extent of its cloud computing business, and it says Amazon has “grossly exaggerated” its cloud sales.

The Amazon lawsuit has also been linked to another Amazon case in Texas, in which a federal judge found that Amazon’s claims to be “fraudulent” violated federal securities laws.

It is unclear if the US government is investigating Amazon for any other alleged crimes.

The case was heard in August.

The S&amp.

T suit also was linked to a similar Amazon lawsuit in Florida, which accused the company of making false statements about its performance, failing to comply fully with state securities law, failing not to disclose information about its business and failing to file quarterly reports.

Amazon denied any wrongdoing.

It said the suit had “no merit”.

A representative for Amazon declined to comment.

The SEC said the US department had not received any information about the SEC investigation.

The FTC has also launched an investigation into Amazon.

A spokesperson said: “The SEC is investigating whether Amazon is subject to federal securities law requirements and whether the company’s conduct constitutes securities fraud.”

The SEC declined to provide further details.

Amazon said it had taken steps to comply and had hired outside counsel to review its practices.

In the suit, the SEC alleges that Amazon failed “to file or file quarterly financial statements and failed to disclose certain information about Amazon’s business that is required under applicable law”.

The SEC complaint also claims Amazon failed not to pay its U.S. employees for work they had done for Amazon.

Amazon and the SEC declined comment on the matter.

Amazon’s U.K. subsidiary, AmazonFresh, has faced several legal battles with competitors.

Last month, a court in London ordered AmazonFresh to stop selling the product for food, citing concerns that it was not a food brand and therefore liable to be sued for food safety breaches.

AmazonFresh did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Amazon in March said it would suspend the sale of its Kindle tablets, but not from its US website.

Amazon did not respond to an email seeking comment on this story.

A similar lawsuit has been filed in the UK against AmazonFresh and other Amazon businesses.

The complaint in the US says Amazon failed, with one argument being that the defendants failed to pay employees enough.

The plaintiffs allege that Amazon has not paid employees the minimum wage for at least three years, with many receiving less than $100 a week.

Amazon Fresh said it will fight the complaint, but declined to discuss the matter further.