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We offer a range of services relating to the networking of your equipment, covering everything from design to complete installation. 

Network Infrastructure:

The design of the cabling infrastructure is equally important to the success of an IT operation as the choice of hardware or software. It is imperative that the appropriate standards are adopted when designing and installing a data network so that future hardware acquisitions, regardless of vendor, are capable of integration into the existing network. BITES-UK therefore, conform to IEEE specifications for both cable and equipment.

Network Servers:

Our certified engineers will tailor build your servers so that you have maximum usage and minimum downtime.  With our regular testing and maintenance, you will have a system that you can rely on.    

Internet connectivity:

We can offer a range of internet connectivity solutions including standard dial-up, ISDNbroadband and Virtural Private Networks (VPN) that allows both us access to your site for remote support and you access to your site from anywhere around the world via a local internet connection.

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